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Automatic Aerosol Dispenser NanoBurst

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  1. Automatic Aerosol Air Freshener Dispenser NanoBurst

    KC Green Launches First Ever Indian Automatic Aerosol Dispenser Nano Burst It works of real time programming.Made of Heavy duty ABS Brand KC Green Color : White, Black it can be programmed.* Operational Days a Week : 5/6/7* Off Day as per Setting : Any Day can be off.* Operational Hours : 8/12/16/20/24* Operation Days : 30/45 Days* Peak Hours Programming : You Can set 1/2/3 Peak hours, during peak hours timing it will give more spray for 30 minutes.* Sleep Hours : You can set Sleep Hours if you want the dispenser to be on Off Mode, you can set the timing as per your requirement, Dispenser will be on Sleep mode during that time and once the time is completed it will start working automatically* We have added one more feature of Grace in this, If you are unable to change refill of 31st day or 46th day, it will run for one more day as grace period. it gives you time to change the refill and also customer will not be in problem due to bad smell* last but not least after completion of 31Day 46 day Dispenser will be on Switch off mode unless you do not change refill or reprogrammed the Dispenser for more details, please call us
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  2. Aerosol NanoBurst Refill 3100

    Aerosol Refill 110ML for Automatic Aerosol Nanoburst Dispenser Capacity 110ML Spray 3100 Available in 20 fragrances Made in INdia Brand KC Green
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  3. Multifold Towel Dispenser Small

    Paper Towel Dispenser compact Product Code: GR-916S Made of ABS Brand Green Revolution for 2 packet of M Fold
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  4. Paper Towel Dispenser Big

    Paper Towel Dispenser Big is ideal to maintain sanitation and hygiene in the environment. It keeps the place free from germs and diseases by dispensing paper towels in toilets of public areas, hotels, hospitals and other places.
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